Is It Really?


“Is It Really?”  Educates Youth to Embrace Islamic Values with Critical Thinking Approach

Through one of our flagship programs Milenial Islami, Indika Foundation launched a project called “Is It Really?” Islamic Animated Educational Video Series in January 2020. “Is It Really?” (or “Bener Gitu?” in Bahasa Indonesia) aims to shape the viewers’ mindsets by providing well-researched data/information when discussing Islamic values to promote critical thinking, equipping them with the ability to filter the flood of information in the digital era.

“Is It Really?” is the continuation of our success in winning the first place at Intercultural Innovation Awards 2019, a collaboration project between United Nations Alliance of Civilization (UNAOC) and BMW Group, where we competed with more than 1.200 applicants from more than 120 countries around the world. “Is It Really?” is also supported by Australia Awards Indonesia through its grant scheme program.

In this project, we use a critical thinking framework to structure each of our videos with the hope of creating a bigger and deeper impact to the viewers. Moreover, the graphics of the videos are designed to be language free, enabling replication by international partners to translate the voice-over and subtitles into their local contexts. 

We have been agile in responding to the current situation by changing the topic of our first 3 videos from generic Islamic topics to COVID-19-related topics. There is a possibility of more COVID-19 related videos will be produced in the future.


We have collaborated with several partners such as Media Damai Indonesia as content production and content marketing partner, Peace Generation Indonesia and Pesantren Welas Asih Indonesia as curriculum development partners, Muhammadiyah COVID-19 Command Centre Indonesia as knowledge partner for data/information related to COVID-19, and Infia Group, a well-known media company as content advisor.


To see more of our videos, please go to our YouTube channel “Bener Gitu” or check our Instagram account at